Laser tag has an amazing ability to bring people together; especially in a community with limited laser tag options. With proper planning you are almost certain to have a high turnout when choosing Laser Wars. You and your guests will participate in an engaging and physical activity at the location of your choice. Players and spectators alike will enjoy the thrills and spills. Not only will your guests have a great time but they will be healthier as a result. Laser tag provides an intense workout. Your guests will talk about your party long after it ends. Read More

The best games are when the players act like getting shot is a big deal. Without the pain of paintball some players just can’t get into the game. Get in character for the best experience.

Learn your equipment in advance if possible; review the Strategy Guide & videos. Learning to use the equipment to the fullest is half the battle.

Come out shooting. Hide behind a bunker. Glance out to identify enemy positions. Pretend that the bunker is invisible. Aim at your opponent through the bunker and begin firing at the bunker as you round the corner. Read More

Laser tag technology has changed dramatically over the past few years. No more sweaty vests in dark rooms packed full of kids. Laser tag has evolved!

Modern laser tag equipment can be compared to video game console. The console is a platform that evolves through periodic updates. Much like a video game console our equipment can play a wide range of games. We custom design our own games, player roles, and weapon modes. Our physical equipment is constantly evolving through firmware and software updates combined with new game and weapon designs. Read More

Have you ever been on a company or team outing that was a flop? The purpose of these activities is to build relationships by getting to know each other better and to show appreciation for a job well done. These outings often fail to hit the mark and are either silly or annoying. Nobody wants to be the first to head for the door because the boss is there. A free meal is often the best compromise but you walk away knowing little or nothing new about your coworkers.

Laser tag is an excellent addition to a company picnic and could be a great incentive reward for a special project or sales goal. The game can be setup for simple enjoyment and excitement or we can tailor the games around a leadership or teamwork theme. Read More

There is no more exiting sports experience in my book than paintball. Paintball does have some drawbacks. Getting hit with paintballs hurts leaving welts and occasionally breaking the skin. My kids love counting my welts and bruises when I get home from playing. I’ve had some pretty embarrassing bruises over the years; especially when I get hit on the forehead.

Laser tag is pain free and mess free. Laser tag is better suited for players under 12 than paintball. Laser tag is a spectator sport. Even if someone chooses no to play they can enjoy the spills and thrills safely from the sidelines. Read More