Company Team Building

Have you ever been on a company or team outing that was a flop? The purpose of these activities is to build relationships by getting to know each other better and to show appreciation for a job well done. These outings often fail to hit the mark and are either silly or annoying. Nobody wants to be the first to head for the door because the boss is there. A free meal is often the best compromise but you walk away knowing little or nothing new about your coworkers.

Laser tag is an excellent addition to a company picnic and could be a great incentive reward for a special project or sales goal. The game can be setup for simple enjoyment and excitement or we can tailor the games around a leadership or teamwork theme.

Mobile laser tag isn’t much more expensive than treating your team to lunch at a decent restaurant. It will definitely be unlike any team outing that you’ve experienced in the past. Let your employees serve you a few hits for good measure, no harm done. You’ll see your teammates and employees in a whole new light after a few hours of laser tag; it has a way of getting people out of their shell. Unlike indoor laser tag you can actually see each other’s faces and you don’t have to share the space with a bunch of kids. Our games are equally enjoyable for those who choose not to participate; outdoor laser tag is a wonderful spectator sport.

Our events typically run for 90 minutes and could be played over an extended lunch or at the end of a business day. Our games are inclusive for a wide range of disabilities. Another great option is to have your team bring their kids or a guest to add to the fun. You are sure to have an experience that will strengthen relationships and boost morale…people will talk about your event with excitement for years to come.

If you really want to get crazy we will be happy to bring our gear right to your office. Your cubicles and conference rooms will make nice bunkers. Our composite plastic equipment presents minimal risk of property damage if someone bumps into a wall or something.

Finally, keep us in mind when planning your next customer appreciation event. From a marketing cost perspective laser tag is inexpensive and high impact. We can run 5-8 minute rounds for 20 players at a time and serve up to 100 players per hour. You know the one thing that drives your customers is their kids. Send them a free pass to a private laser tag event and they’ll be lining up at your door.

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