Frequently Asked Questions

Game Play

Our equipment is designed to be used with the lights on actually. The equipment lights up nicely at night or in the dark. Unfortunately, our equipment does not have the safety features that one would expect for playing under blackout conditions. Traditional indoor equipment has rubberized barrels, tracer lasers, chest straps, and require two hands to fire. We will host parties in the dark upon request but we insist on having a fair amount of ambient light; enough to see the facial expressions of another player at ten paces. Another drawback of blackout games is that players and spectators miss out on seeing the actions and expressions of the other players which is a big part of the experience.

The best option is to have the best of both worlds! With advance notice we bring an array of LED lights to illuminate our popup tents and containers for a fun lights-out experience. Killing the lights for part of the event can be a great way to added variety to your party.

Traditional indoor laser tag has several distinguishing features. The arenas are dark with heavy use of neon and black lights; maybe some fog. The players wear a vest with illuminated targets. The taggers are tethered to the vest to restrict the player’s overall movement. The taggers fire tracer lasers to assist with aiming and require both hands on the tagger to fire. Many of these features are designed to make indoor laser tag a safer experience and to increase visibility in the dark. Indoor games often use a one-shot-elimination and constant timed reinsertion format (you get shot, your equipment stops, & starts again after a short delay).

Outdoor-style laser tag (the Laser Wars approach) is team oriented and closer to paintball or airsoft than traditional laser tag. Laser Wars games usually involve wide open spaces and well lit locations. The equipment only requires one hand to fire, muzzle flash simulation replaces tracer lasers and we shed those uncomfortable vests for a lightweight headbands or on-board sensors. Our outdoor equipment can be used indoors, outdoors, day, or night. Players have shields, self-healing, multiple weapon modes, health points, and respawn using a base station beacon. Modern outdoor equipment takes a more video game inspired approach.

Cheating really isn’t an issue with our equipment. The headset has three sensors that are almost impossible to conceal (when used). We generally rely on the single sensor at the front of each tagger. If you are taking part in the action there is no easy way to hide your sensors. Other players are very quick to call out opponents for intentionally blocking sensors. There are certainly tricks to being more effective.

Never underestimate the power of dressing up a little to enhance your overall experience. When we are playing bunker-based games camouflage doesn’t give you an advantage but if we are in the woods it never hurts to blend in a little. Many players prefer to wear a hat or bandana. Don’t forget your sunscreen, bug spray, and sun glasses. Leave your jewelry and nice clothes a home. Shoes are required. Open toed shoes or sandals are NOT allowed on the field of play.

Laser Wars laser tag is similar to paintball but our equipment does NOT shoot any projectiles. Our equipment emits an safe infrared beam of light at distances of over 700 feet. This makes the game extremely fun because the range of the laser tag units allows players to engage each other at surprising distances. The game is about stealth, teamwork, and speed. More info here.

No, our equipment doesn’t use any lasers; despite the name. The taggers use infrared technology that can’t be seen or hurt your eyes (just like your TV remote). Most of our guns have red dot scopes so you can better target your opponent. Our taggers also use a unique muzzle flash color for each team.

We do have sensor headbands available upon request. Headbands are useful for private parties of 20 or fewer in large areas with plenty of cover. In practice we rarely use headbands. Our equipment has an on-board sensor that provides 270 degrees of forward sensitivity. Headbands increase turnover time and can become sweaty and uncomfortable. The advantages of not using headbands include more play time, the ability to swap equipment with ease, more freedom of movement, and a better overall experience.

Keep in mind that headbands place a target on your head. That means you need adequate cover to hide your head. On a mobile arena the average bunker height is around 3 feet.

Our manufacturer is working on a wireless mini-vest option available in 2015.

We provide 2 hours of game play at our typical events. Events generally run for 4 hours total. We need a minimum of 60 minutes to setup and 60 minutes to cleanup. We prefer to begin setup 90 minutes prior to large events.

Our service does not currently include scoring. Detailed score reporting requires a centralized computer and a display mechanism or printer. We do have several team objectives where players have an opportunity to win as a team. Players can see an how many times they were eliminated at the end of each round. We like to think there is an advantage to focusing on team wins and individual player experiences. Nobody wins and nobody loses but everyone has a great time!

UPDATE: We are preparing to offer a new central scoring system in June 2015 that is going to drastically revolutionize the Laser Wars gaming experience.

General Questions

Extreme weather can delay the start time by adding difficulty or delaying when we can start setting up. We cannot setup during heavy rain or high winds.

Rain creates mud and puddles. Rain makes it difficult for tent stakes to secure our bunkers. Rain often comes with high winds which can literally blow our bunkers away.

Our equipment is weather resistant but far from waterproof. We need to prevent costly water damage by avoiding rain and standing water. Our bunkers often need to be power washed after a rainy event to avoid stains and mold. Avoiding wet weather helps to keep our bunkers clean.

Public perception is a valid concern. It usually quite obvious that we are playing a controlled game. Some have mistaken our games for paintball. We have equipment markings, yard signs, and other methods to help avoid any confusion. Players are required to stay within clearly marked boundaries. In open areas we will rope off the playing area. We insist on placing open playing areas away from roadways where we could distract or confuse passing drivers. If we are in a large uncontrolled area, like a large private lot, we may contact the local police department to inform them of our plans. Players are also instructed to avoid aiming the taggers at non-participants.

We generally need 60 minutes for the setup (90 min for large events) and 60 minutes for the cleanup for a standard event.

One of our goals has always been to reduce the time it takes to setup and cleanup our equipment. We continue to look for ways to streamline our processes and to increase our inventory of rapidly deployable props.

We have a higher objective to give our customers the best possible bang for their buck. Experience has taught us that we need a minimum of 60 minutes to provide the best possible experience that we have to offer.

There are limited situations where we would allow or consider using volunteers for assistance during the setup and cleanup. In most cases volunteer helpers tend to get in the way. The best thing you can do speed the process is to clear the area of guests and helpers during the setup and cleanup.

If your access to the facility or location is for a limited amount of time or if it is costing you money we can certainly work together to find an optimal solution.

Alcohol is not encouraged but not strictly prohibited. We certainly don’t want anyone endangering themselves or others. Our game specialists can refuse access to anyone suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol for the safety of others. Overall it really depends on the rules set by the location, venue, and customer. We prefer that participants wait until after the event to begin celebrating.

We are more than willing to serve bachelor parties and similar grown up events. Laser tag is a great option for nonalcoholic bachelor parties as well.

Our equipment does resemble a real gun, makes shooting noises, and players do shoot at each other. We intentionally avoid gun and shooting related terminology like gun or kill. We use words like tagger or blaster, rounds, eliminations, etc. Players are shooting at the equipment; rather than directly at each other. We focus instead on enjoying a fun activity with friends, learning teamwork, and getting some great exercise. Laser tag is a game that nearly anyone can enjoy on a competitive level; allowing young and old, athletic and non-athletic, big and small, to take part in an exciting shared experience.

Don’t underestimate the physical fitness aspect of playing laser tag. Your guests are going to get a workout with a smile on their faces. Our system also focuses on team accomplishments over individual scores. Everyone wins and nobody loses. With no individual scoring we place no emphasis on “kill counts”.

We love fundraisers! Fundraisers help us give back to the community, they help us market our business, and laser tag can help draw in more participants to your event. Laser tag is a tremendous attention-getter for any fundraiser or event. People take notice and will stop to find out more details when they see a large battlefield. We have some marketing material that you can include in your event advertisement to improve attendance. Give us a call or email if you would like to discuss. We have a variety of low cost options available.

The equipment and bunkers are designed with safety in mind. The taggers fire a safe infrared beam; the same technology used in TV remotes. There is minimal risk of eye or property damage. Despite the name there are no actual lasers involved. The only safety issues are those encountered with any sporting activity like trips and falls, occasional player collisions, and other minor sports injuries. Open toe shoes and sandals are not allowed to avoid foot injuries.

Your guests are going to get thirsty. We will provide free water for outdoor parties. Your guests will also want someplace to relax and cool off (or warm up) between games. Our hosts will need access to the facility or land and may need instructions on where to mark off the playing area. Keeping the playing area free of guests and unplanned helpers during the setup and cleanup is also appreciated. See more party tips here.

The game is open to anyone 5 years and older. We recommend players be at least 6 years old to fully enjoy the game. We generally see parties with a target age of 8 or older where a few younger sibling join in the action. We can accommodate players as young as 3-4 years old when chaperoned by an adult. We have hosted several parties for 6-7 years old groups.

We are happy to accommodate children and adults with disabilities (taggers only weigh 2.5-3 pounds). Our games are fun for boys and girls of nearly all ages.

Laser Wars isn’t only for kids! Our equipment is great for teens and adults as well!

Our equipment is designed to be used with the lights on actually. The equipment lights up nicely at night or in the dark. Unfortunately, our equipment does not have the safety features that one would expect for playing under blackout conditions. Traditional indoor equipment has rubberized barrels, tracer lasers, chest straps, and require two hands to fire. We will host parties in the dark upon request but we insist on having a fair amount of ambient light; enough to see the facial expressions of another player at ten paces. Another drawback of blackout games is that players and spectators miss out on seeing the actions and expressions of the other players which is a big part of the experience.

The best option is to have the best of both worlds! With advance notice we bring an array of LED lights to illuminate our popup tents and containers for a fun lights-out experience. Killing the lights for part of the event can be a great way to added variety to your party.

We do not provide music or sound equipment at this time for copyright reasons. Customers are welcome to provide background music. Music can help set the mood and helps cover movement noise (lets players feel more stealthy).

You should consider that videos with background music may be removed from YouTube and social media pages. Social media websites scan for copyrighted materials.

If streaming online music please consider enabling parental controls. Many popular songs contain unexpected profanity and adult language when played from unrestricted streaming sources.

Offering 20 laser tag guns is almost unheard of in the mobile laser tag industry. There are only a handful of producers in the world that offer more than a dozen guns. Most mobile services provide 6-12 per event.

Many of the venues we serve are almost too small for 20 players. A typical basketball court provides adequate space for 20 younger players but may be cramped for 20 teens and adults. In some cases less is more. There is a tradeoff between individual player experience and group enjoyment. More players = happier groups but player experience suffers slightly when occupancy is high.

We guarantee 12 fully operations laser tag guns at every event. Our lofty goal is 20 but we occasionally fall below that number due to wear and tear. To date our operational inventory has never fallen below 18 but as our equipment ages that goal may be harder to achieve. Our goal is to always to provide the best possible experience for our customers and players by providing our entire operational inventory for one low price.


The Boy Scouts of America Guide to Safe Scouting states, “Pointing any type of firearm or simulated firearm at any individual is unauthorized. Scout units may plan or participate in paintball, laser tag or similar events where participants shoot at targets that are neither living nor human representations.”

We leave interpretation of this ruling to individual scout leaders. Laser Wars is open to serving official and unofficial scouting events. We have provided laser tag parties for local pack gatherings in the past.

Our equipment uses a sensor-target located on the front of the laser tag gun. Players are ultimately shooting at the equipment, rather than each other. We don’t offer headbands or vests with our mobile service. It is a minor distinction that has been sufficient for some scout leaders to rule in favor of allowing laser tag at official scout events.

We updated to a new management system in 2015 that uses a wireless access point to manage and track all of the equipment in real time! We need access to an electrical outlet within 100 feet or the arena. With proper planning we can support 2-3 hours of play time on battery backup per day but a hard line is preferred.

Scheduling & Billing

Customers have different expectations when it comes to cost. Our service is designed for parties and events that server 10-20 guests. Entertaining 10 or more guests is simply expensive not matter what. We believe our service is a reasonably priced option in comparison to other event services targeted at similar sized events.

We are also priced competitively when you compare us with other mobile laser tag services around the country. Our fee covers our overhead, equipment, and wages needed to provide you with a high quality experience in your own backyard. We also have no restrictions on the number of players; unlike some providers. We bring our entire operational inventory to every game (serving up to 20 players).

If cost is a big concern contact us to see if we can accommodate your needs somehow. You can increase your value by inviting more players. Guests could be encouraged to share the cost. Turn your event into a charitable fundraiser; guests pay to play and the proceeds go to a worthy cause. Combine parties with a friend and have a friendly competition.

We highly suggest you begin the reservation online (start on the Scheduling tab). Scheduling is often the biggest challenge; visit the booking calendar first, You can also call, email, or use the contact form to learn more information. We will iron out the final details over the phone.

Certainly. We are very flexible on party size. Maximizing the player experience is a combination of arena size, player age, and number of players. Some venues are better suited for smaller groups. We don’t recommend party sizes less than six players and usually more is better. For example, 6-8 might be the perfect size for a small party room or small backyard. A full sized basketball court may be cramped for 20 adult players.

We target parties of 10 or more because this optimizes the average cost per player.

It is difficult to price smaller parties fairly while covering our cost of delivery and setup. We recommend bringing on additional players rather than scaling back. We know parents can be hesitant to host birthday with 10 or more guests. That is a lot of kids to manage and your birthday boy or girl probably doesn’t need 10 more gifts. Consider inviting a few adult guests or family members to round out the roster.

Our service is priced primarily on total units requested. You can share that equipment with as many people as you like. You simply rotate players in and out after each round. There are many options for sharing a basic equipment package with a larger group. A standard private party configuration can support 30-40 players over a 2 hour period. We recommend upgrading to a larger service package if more than 40 players are expected.

In most cases there is no discount or refund provided if your turnout is less than expected. See our party planning tips and terms of service for more information.

Certainly. There are no penalties for cancellations or rescheduling (based on availability) prior to our arrival onsite. The future is unpredictable, parties are booked in advance, and you shouldn’t be penalized when the unexpected arises. We do ask that you try to inform us of cancellations as soon as possible. We will also hold tentative reservations for 3 business days upon request.

We will reschedule the event for another day if you like (though availability is limited). Weather reports are often misleading. The main question to consider is if your guests would be interested in getting wet and muddy or would they be more likely to cancel? Don’t let weather reports days or weeks prior ruin you plans; nice weather is just around the corner.

Customer often forget to consider high winds. Our outdoor arena can easily withstand up to 10 mph winds. When it gets into the 10-20 mph range we have to limit the configuration and may require additional time to setup. Sustained winds over 20 mph or larger gusts can be very difficult to deal with.

We may be able to assist in locating an alternative indoor location. You will always have the option of rescheduling or cancelling without a penalty.

Yes. The players get quite a workout no matter when or where we play. We take more breaks and bring a large water jug. We can setup additional sunshades if needed. With no straps or headbands players are free to wear swimwear to keep cool. Wooded areas are preferred on the hottest days. Beat the heat with an indoor event!

Renting implies a pay for use scenario. We provide a service that goes well above and beyond a basic rental arrangement. For example, you could rent musical instruments or you could hire a band. You could rent a camera or you could hire a photographer.

We don’t simply deliver, setup, and cleanup the equipment. We design a custom laser tag arena, we instruct your guests on equipment use, we referee the games, we monitor player safety, we make onsite repairs and adjustment, and we keep players engaged with a variety of gaming options. Our party specialists are part entertainer, part referee, and part party planner. We make sure the laser tag activity portion of your event is a hit from start to finish and free up the party host to attend to other things.

Laser Wars has liability insurance through Northeast Insurance Center. A generic insurance letter is available upon requests; included by default with any large event invoice.

The customer or venue organization may be added as a Certificate Holder upon request (please allow 3-5 business days for processing). Certificate Holders are notified by Northeast Insurance Center in the event of a cancellation or change in policy prior to the event date.

All businesses are required by the IRS to have a W9 on file for any vendor paid $600 or more for products or services. We provide a W9 by default for any invoices of $600 or more (and by request for lesser amounts). The W9 documents our contact information and tax ID number for tax filing and audit purposes.

No waivers required. We shun the practice of liability waivers for a variety of reasons.

-Players shouldn’t have to waive injury liability for a relatively safe activity
-Children can’t legally sign waivers and may not have a guardian present
-No waiver can relieve a business from liability caused by negligence
-Waivers often generate fear…fear of litigation, fear of injury, etc.
-Managing waivers can take away from play time

See the following article for more information: Waivers in the Laser Tag Industry

Just because you plan to sponsor laser tag for your event, doesn’t mean you have to offer our services for free to your attendees. There are a variety of options for reducing or eliminating the cost of offering laser tag. In many cases event-sponsors turn a profit!

-Sell tickets in advance
-Provide a volunteer to collect a fee from players
-Add laser tag tickets to your ticket booth
-Ask an outside sponsor to cover the cost
-Put out a donation jar
-Plan to split the cost based on total players

Make sure to include laser tag in your event announcement and marketing to help increase attendance. You may want to include pricing information so attendees are prepared.

If your goal is simply to recover or reduce costs, we recommend $2 for the first round & $1 for each additional round for bigger venues. For small groups of 40-60 we recommend $5-$10 per player. When laser tag is combined with food or other activities you may consider charging $15-$25 per person.