Perfect Party Awaits

Laser tag has an amazing ability to bring people together; especially in a community with limited laser tag options. With proper planning you are almost certain to have a high turnout when choosing Laser Wars. You and your guests will participate in an engaging and physical activity at the location of your choice. Players and spectators alike will enjoy the thrills and spills. Not only will your guests have a great time but they will be healthier as a result. Laser tag provides an intense workout. Your guests will talk about your party long after it ends.

How do you define a perfect party?

  • Most of the people you invite actually show up
  • You and your guests share a unique experience
  • Your guests are genuinely entertained
  • Your guests get tons of exercise
  • Your guests talk about your party long after it ends
  • You and your guest of honor reap huge social benefits

Consider the value of choosing a party service that has a high probability of meeting all of these goals!

Birthday Party Dividends

Sending your kids off to school is a daunting experience. For the first 4-5 years of your child’s life you were largely in charge of protecting your kids. You had the ability to break up fights, correct social pitfalls, and guide them toward making friends. Once they start school you find yourself nearly powerless to guide them during school hours. You wonder if they are getting along with others and you hope they are making good friends. Birthday parties provide a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and strengthen existing friendships and to make new friends. Birthday parties are a rare occasion where parents can have some influence on their child’s social experiences and a great way to meet your child’s closest friends.

“I believe that birthday parties are a critical experience in a child’s life. We encourage our boys to invite classmates and teammates that they would like to be friends with; in addition to their closest buds and family. The true gift of a birthday party is the relationships that are built and strengthened.”

Laser Wars parties are priced and sized for 8 or more participants. Our typical private birthday parties have anywhere from 12-18 players. We know that sounds like a lot of kids but more guests result in higher social dividends. The parties are sized well for inviting an entire class or sports team. The birthday boy or girl is the star player. Everyone enjoys an exhilarating and physical activity but the fun doesn’t stop there. You now have a group that can share battle stories for weeks or months after the event. Your child revels in the ‘successful party bump’ for a few weeks. With any luck they will get invited to more birthday parties as a result. The reverberating social benefits echo long after the party and can be a great way to boost your child’s confidence.

Value Proposition

We don’t just provide laser tag parties. We provide a tool for parents, schools, businesses, and charitable organizations to reduce the risk of a failed party. We provide a memorable experience. We help get kids off the couch. We provide children and adults with amazing birthday parties, wonderful memories, and deeper friendships.

“Whatever happens in this life, it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.”


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